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Men who struggled with substance abuse disorders will say that the most challenging part of recovery is not actually becoming sober, but staying sober after leaving the rehab environment. Sobriety is a lifelong process and remaining substance-free can be fraught with challenges. Experiencing triggers can derail your sobriety.  Triggers can cause overwhelming feelings of self-doubt, despair, sadness, despair, rage or fear. They may begin to think that they’re not handling recovery in the proper manner. 

When you live independently again, you can face daily temptations that can lead to relapse. This is the reason why many men in recovery find that living in a sober living is the ideal solution as it will provide the healthy environment to make lifestyle changes.


Managing Triggers is Key to Success

To stay sober, it is important to recognize and avoid situations that can trigger cravings or urges for substance use because they may lead to relapse. Keep a list of triggers and avoid them at all cost.  The list may include:

  • People who used substances with you in the past or who are using now
  • Places like homes, bars, restaurants, offices, school and neighborhoods, and other places where you have used drugs or alcohol
  • Stress and pressure from daily challenges in life
  • Emotionally-charged interactions or discussions
  • Traumatic experiences, such as sexual abuse
  • Situations like celebrations or events, activities and situations similar to the ones you have experienced when you used alcohol and/or drugs

About Stonegate Center Drug Rehab & Sober Living

Stonegate Center Drug Rehab & Sober Living aids in the recovery of men from addiction and the underlying brokenness through faith, community, structure, and accountability. We equip men with opportunities to develop healthy lifestyles and unlock their true potential. We provide a sober, safe and structured housing environment for male adults who are in early stages of recovery. In addition to regular attendance at twelve step meetings, residents are expected to be active participants in a continuing care plan that addresses the stage of recovery they are in.


Drug Addiction Treatment & Sober Living for Men

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Stonegate Center is a JCAHO accredited faith-based and gender-separate addiction treatment facilities for men and women who are suffering from drug and alcohol abuse.

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